If you would like to participate in a scientific conference with a geographical reference, there is the possibility that we support you financially. We think it is great if you are interested in geographical topics beyond your studies. Through our commission work we have managed to provide you with financial support in cooperation with the GIUB. In order for us to be able to implement this, there are a few criteria you need to meet.

These criteria are divided into three components: One temporal, one substantive and one financial. Since we would like to enable all students to participate in the conference you propose, we need some lead time. Please contact us at least four weeks before the registration deadline so that we can publicly announce that we are sponsoring your participation in the conference.

We can only support conferences that are related to geography or that you need for your studies. Therefore we need a short description of the event and a reason why you want to participate in the conference. We usually decide within one week whether participation is sponsored or not.

Conferences that we currently sponsor:

  • None. If you are planning to attend a conference with geographical contents, feel free to tell us and we will advertise funding opportunities here.

A subsidy is generally only possible up to a maximum of 50% of the cheapest participation fee but not more than 40 € per person. The minimum participation fee must be 20 €. In addition, the sponsorship amount per person depends on the number of participants sponsored by us. You will find out how much the final funding will be shortly after the conference. Afterwards the payment will take place. In addition, the funding is only available to students of the Institute of Geography at the University of Bonn.

You would like to draw our attention to a conference that we should promote?

Then send a description and the reason for your participation to fsgiub@uni-bonn.de at least four weeks before the registration deadline and apply for the grant. Please also let us know if you are eligible for other benefits and how long you would like to participate in the conference.

You would like to apply for funding for an above mentioned conference?

Then send us an informal application before the start of the event to fsgiub@uni-bonn.de, including your matriculation certificate and invoice for the registration. At the latest 2 weeks after the end of the conference, we will need your certificate of participation to be able to support you.