the cafete (room 015)

The Cafete is located in the basement of the institute building and is a popular meeting place for all geographers. It is organized and run by students. Here you can get coffee, tea, lemonade, bread rolls, waffles etc. If you can make coffee, do the dishes and cover rolls, you have the

Possibility to earn a small pocket money and to work in the team of the Cafete. The shift assignment, where the first one is welcome, takes place on 21.10.19 at 7:00 at the cafeteria. After the normal opening hours the Cafete can be used as a group work room until 7 pm.

Opening hours of the Cafete:
Monday to Thursday: 09.30 to 16.00 hours
Friday: 09.30 to 14.00 hours

yard – A small garden for all

In an inner courtyard of the Institute of Geography (next to the bicycle courtyard) a small garden for everyone has been hiding for quite some time. The student council has redesigned this courtyard in cooperation with a project group to create a new place to stay. In addition to the garden of useful plants, in which everyone can help themselves/participate, and the smoker’s corner, a restored bench and a fixing point for hammocks were also added. You are welcome to hang up your own hammock or the hammock of the student council. Thus the inner courtyard is an ideal place to relax during the exams and to unwind during the semester. A watering can, a water hose and a rake are also available to be used when needed. The inner courtyard is intended as a rest area and is to be maintained for a long time to come. We deliberately sowed mainly useful plants instead of ornamental plants in order to use the area optimally and to draw attention to alternative farming methods. If you would like to contribute to the preservation of the courtyard and the sustainable care concept for the useful plants, you are welcome to join the courtyard team. Just send a short mail to:

AG Green Infrastructure

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