M.Sc. Geography

The M.Sc. Geography is a Master’s programme with 120 credit points, which is based on a standard period of study of four semesters. You can (but do not have to) choose between three specialisations: Development and Globalization, Governance and Space, and Environmental Systems in Transition.

For detailed information about this course of studies please visit the Homepage of the Institute of Geography. If you have any further questions, you can not only contact the study counselling service, but also us at any time.

M.Edu. Geography

In Master the focus is on the encounter with research-oriented topics. Furthermore, there is an excursion module. In the Master’s programme, didactics and practical semesters are the main focus of the training.

further information, the study plan and the Examination regulations  for the Master of Education can be found on the pages of the BZL (Bonn Centre for Teacher Education)

M.Sc. nature conservation and landscape ecology

The study programme “Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology” is offered by the Faculty of Agriculture together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and is currently in the accreditation process. The introduction is planned from winter term 2014/15 onwards.

In this new, interfaculty Master’s programme at the University of Bonn, the socially defined goals of the nature conservation in the light of new landscape ecological research.

The share of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is carried by the GIUB. Practically, this means that the student has to course of study can participate in corresponding master’s courses at GIUB. Accordingly, the GIUB’s range of courses of study will also be expanded. To what extent the corresponding modules are also available to students of the normal Masters is open at GIUB is not yet completely clear. The FS Geography was involved in the accreditation of the study programme. A total of 120 LP in 4 semesters. The course of studies concludes with a master thesis in the range of 30 CP ab.

M.Sc. Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security

The Master Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security is a master program which is available since autumn 2013. The Master is offered in cooperation between GIUB and the United Nations University, more precisely the Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). The responsibility for the students of the GeoRisk Master is currently still with us as a student council, in the medium term, the course of studies should get its own student council due to the complex organizational structure. The contact person for the GeoRisk Master is Mrs. Hattenbach (hattenbach@ehs.unu.edu).

The course of study comprises 120 CP (credit points) in a standard period of study of 4 semesters and ends with a 30 CP Master thesis from.

Master’s degree course in Disaster Prevention and Disaster Management

Additional info: https://www.kavoma.de/