The institute and its facilities

The Geographical Institute of the the University of Bonn belongs to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It is home to a total of 13 professorships in 8 teaching and research areas (see below). With over 1200 Students of the Geographical Institute of the University of Bonn (GIUB) on the largest in the German-speaking world.

The institute building is located in the front part the microbiology, but the whole back part belongs to the geography. For students there are no accessible connections between the two Units. It’s similar with the tower, which is part of the geography but is only accessible via the rear panel

To help you find your way around the Institute of Geography, we have listed the most important rooms for you here. The numbering of the rooms follows a certain logic.

Main building of the institute

  • 0xx: All rooms with this number are located in the basement of the institute.
    However, this is accessible at ground level in a few places, which can be confusing.
  • 1xx: All rooms with this number are on the ground floor
  • 2xx: All rooms with this number are on the upper floor.
  • Thru the group study room – (227) you can access C Pool (228).

The tower

The tower is just reachable thru the side entrance. In the tower all rooms are marked with 3xx. The tens digit always indicates the floor of the tower. The 0 is used here differently from the main building for the ground floor used.

The practice rooms (ÜI-ÜVIII)

The practice rooms are marked with roman numbers at the institute, although they also have room numbers.

  • ÜI: 101 (Yellow Hall)
  • ÜII: 201
  • ÜIII: 210
  • ÜIV: 215
  • ÜV: 204
  • ÜVI: 205
  • Ü VII: UG in the Geo Centre (accessible via side entrance)
  • Ü VIII: 0.005 (Geozentrum)
  • Ü IX: 0.004 (Geozentrum)

Attention: Some of your events may not take place in our institute. The tutorials for module B7 Geomatics can be found in the computer room (Ü IX) of the Geozentrum in Meckenheimer Allee 176 and in the C-Pool of the Geographical Institutes, Meckenheimer Allee 166. Events in the Lecture halls of the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation (often simply “cartography”) in Meckenheimer Allee 172 are, for example, identified with the addition “Carto”.

The Geozentrum

The Geozentrum in Meckenheimer Allee 176 is another building of the Geography departement, in which events also take place. Here you find beside two lecture halls and the computer workroom as well as two seminar rooms ÜVII and Ü VIII and a group work room, in which you can meet and learn from your fellow students or follow up on lectures.

The P.O. Box Room (104)

Here are the mailboxes of the lecturers. Excursion reports (e.g. on the 1-day excursions) and homework can be handed in here. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

The Institute Library (106)

The library is one of the largest institute libraries in Germany, with a stock of books and journals of about 100,000 volumes and more than 500 periodicals.

It is called reference library, i.e. the literature is free accessible, can be stored in the but generally only used at the workstations in the library area and must be returned after use be returned to the site.

The loan of a limited number of books is possible overnight or on Weekends possible.

Information is provided by the library supervisor. In detail the use of the library is supervised by the Library regulations. We have also made the current information on library use available on the Internet.

Their compliance is a decisive prerequisite for free access to the book and journal collections.

Opening hours of the library

Monday to Friday: from 8.00 to 21.00 hours
Saturday and Sunday: closed

(in the examination phases, Saturday opening hours are usually offered, these are then posted)

test You are looking for a quiet place to study at the weekend: The university and Landesbibliothek (ULB) is open Mon-Sun from 8:00-24:00. There is the Main library (Adenauerallee 39-41) and the departmental library MNL (Nussallee 15a) Textbooks can also be borrowed there.

In the foyer of the GIUB library there is a group study room. Another one is located in front of the C-Pool and in the foyer of the Geo Centre. The cafete can also be found in the Semester between 16 and 19 o’clock additionally used as group work room will be.

computer pool (C pool, 228)

The C-Pool is a computer room for free student work All software relevant for the study of geography (ArcGIS, SPSS, etc.) is located on the computers.

To work on the computers you need a User-ID, which can be obtained on presentation of the student card at the auxiliary staff is available in the C-Pool. The Account is for the entire duration of studies valid.

In the C-pool have You the possibility to print. For this purpose you have to print during the opening hours (Mon – Thu 12.00 to 13.00 o’clock) of Fachschaftsraum charge your C-Pool account with print credit. You can copy in the library of the GIUBs.

the Staff in the C-Pool are also available to answer many technical questions. The attendance times are posted.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 – until the closing of the library

The Map and Media Collection (010-011)

The map collection has a stock of about 115,000 maps, consisting of map series, single maps, exercise sets and wall maps. The maps are listed chronologically, thematically, regionally and by scale. The catalogue is only accessible during the opening hours (see below) via the supervisors. With the addition of historical geography, the map collection has been expanded by extensive historical map material.

Card lending is open to all students with a valid student card. The loan period is limited to two weeks.

The map series are mainly topographic and geological editions, the individual maps are thematic editions. Maps produced in the course of seminars and exercises are also collected.

collection of devices (010-011)

In the collection of equipment of the institute, equipment for the performance of exercises and practical training is stored. With your help, climatological, pedological and geohydrological data are determined. It is possible to borrow equipment for carrying out scientific work in the field (e.g. as part of final theses).
Here the complete inventory list.

Opening hours: Tuesday 09:00 to 13:00 Wednesday 09:00 to 13:00