Our aim as the student council is to enable all students at the GIUB to access our events. We are aware that the participation fees for some of our events can be a financial barrier. In order to address this structural inequality and offer everyone the opportunity to participate, we support students in financing the participation fees for the following events:

  • First-year trips
  • Master’s trips
  • Geoparties

Not included in this offer are:

  • Field trips that are specified in the study plan
  • Conferences (there is already funding support available through “conference funding” for everyone)

Funding procedure:

  1. If you need financial support, contact the student council. This can be done, among other ways, through the awareness email address (awareness@fsgeo-bonn.de). You can also reach out to any of the student council members personally. Furthermore, student council members should proactively approach individuals if they notice that they cannot afford to attend the event due to financial reasons.
  2. Your application should be sent informally via email to the awareness email address (awareness@fsgeo-bonn.de). No specific form is required.
  3. Your application will be processed anonymously and confirmed by the financial responsible individuals and the awareness team.
  4. There is no obligation to disclose your financial situation. Inappropriate inquiries regarding your finances will not be made by the student council.

The person submitting an application has the absolute right to anonymity, with an expectation from student council members to uphold this.