B.Sc. Geography

The bachelor’s degree programme in geography can be started in Bonn each winter semester and is usually limited to a certain number of students. This means that you have to apply for a place early before you can enrol when a place has been confirmed. The course of study comprises a total of 180 credit points (LP), the standard period of study is six semesters.  The services to be rendered include for the most part courses in geography (138 LP). Details can be found in the module handbook and the corresponding study plan . In addition, 30 LP have to be completed in the non-subject-specific elective area of study (i.e. in modules from other subjects, which you have to take additionally during your studies). The course of studies ends with the Bachelor thesis, which counts 12 LP.

In Bonn, moduls are offered equally in physical geography and human geography. This means that you will complete your basic training in both sub-disciplines and therefore lectures and project seminars in both areas are obligatory. In addition, you are free to specialize in one sub-discipline within the framework of methodological and in-depth modules, or to choose a broad profile with courses from different areas. You don’t have to decide this at the beginning of your studies; courses are elected before the beginning of each semester and often special interests only develop during the course of your studies.

You can find more information on the GIUB homepage.

Bachelor Teaching Degree in Geography

The beachlor teaching degree programme in geography is oriented towards the scientific aspect. You will receive an equally weighted introduction to basic physical-geographical and human-geographical facts and processes. The main person responsible for teacher training in geography is Nils Thönnessen in room 202, who is your contact person for questions specific to the teaching professions.

Geography as an minor subject

Geography can be chosen as an accompanying subject to a core subject of the Faculty of Philosophy. In the accompanying subject Geography there are two orientations: Physical Geography or Human Geography.

The study plans and an overview can be found at Bachelor of Arts Geography (accompanying subject).