The offices to be elected (two chairpersons & two financial representatives) are elected for two semesters every year by the student council. All other offices are elected with volunteers for an indefinite period of time and as needed by the student council meeting. If you are looking for the face to a name, take a look at our member page.


Chairperson: Responsibilities
The Chairpersons are responsible for the preparation and conduct of student council meetings: this includes writing and sending (via the internal mailing list) the preliminary agenda (TO). The chairpersons may participate in the board meetings of the Institute together with the spokespersons. If only that were all…
Furthermore, one central task of the chairpersons is to be present and accessible to all members of the student council. You should be well informed about the current business! Further tasks currently assumed by the chairpersons are the coordination of events and appointment of student representatives to commissions.
Currently in office
Carla Bube & Lena König

Financial Representatives

Finacial Representatives: Responsibilities
Together the Financial Representatives are responsible for all matters of finance and accounting of the student council. Their activities include, for example, transfers, the administration of finances or the cooperation in the financial processing of events, such as the first semester programme, parties or student council trips. The exact division of tasks is the responsibility of the Financial Representatives. The amount of time required is approximately 3 to 5 hours per week.
Currently in office
Nele Schröder & Michelle Janzen


Spokesperson: Responsibilities
The office of the spokesperson is considered to be the link between students, professors and staff of the geographic institute and the student council. His or her tasks are the representation of the student council in various committees, as well as communication and correspondence with them. The amount of time required is about 3 to 5 hours per week, but this depends very much on how many committees you are a representative in. Currently one of the two persons is a member of the GIUB board.
Currently in office
Marie Theres-Reiter & Julian Schöne


Secretary: Responsibilities
The secretaries and communication officers are responsible for the internal and external mailing list. This includes forwarding mails, as well as adding and removing persons (mail addresses) to/from the mailing list. The mailing lists (FS-Info, FS-Praktikum und Beruf, FS-Internationales, FS-Aktion) are also one of the tasks of the secretaries.
Currently in office
Fiona Oberem &Vacant

Freshmen Coordinator

Freshmen Coordinator: Responsibilities
It makes sense to have a main representative, who supervises all first-year appointments and activities and who supports the responsible persons in individual tasks, for example by errands and assistance with the execution. He or she should have an overview of the first-year Question Time, introduction of the student body, freshmen coffee and cake, Master Breakfast, Freshmen Rally, first-year trip, first-year party, pub evenings, institute tour, geocaching and the two first-year booklets.
Current in office
Vacant & Vacant

Drinks & Snack Commissioner

Drinks & Snack Commissioner: Responsibilities
This person is responsible for ordering drinks for the student counsil room and for providing snacks for the meetings.
Currently in office
Carla Bube

Public Relations

This person is responsible for the distribution of information on the Internet and in social media (FS-Homepage, Facebook & Instagram) He or she is also in close correspondence with the secretaries.
Currently in office:
Timo Mattheis, Chrissy Kuhn & Fiona Oberem

Other Offices

  • Website Commissioner
  • FS room Commissioner
  • Sustainability Commissioner
  • Key Commissioner
  • Geoparty Commissioner
    • First-year party,
    • Winter party,
    • Summer party
  • Trip Commissioner
    • First-year trip,
    • Master trip,
    • Student Councile trips
  • event organiser for:
    • Summer festival,
    • Semester opening,
    • Barbecue,
    • Excursion,
    • Hikes,
    • R & GIS courses,
    • etc.